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The votes have
been tallied
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Aiden Henninger's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Aiden Henninger

My journey was fully supported by THRIVE ELITE, THRIVE Thirst, and THRIVE Activate. I followed a meal plan tailored to me by a THRIVER & personal trainer that I met on the last Getaway in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

This contest is important to me because I proved to myself what my mind and body is capable of. With help from THRIVE, my trainer, and of course my wife for making all my meals, I’m confident that I can continue on this health transformation even after the competition is over. This competition is also important to me because I could pay down a lot of my family's debts and pour back into my THRIVE business.

Destiny Shytle's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Destiny Shytle

I am a 27-year-old single mother to two daughters. I have always worked my butt off in school, and at work. My daughters look up to me, and rely on me. I want to show them, to go as hard as you can, and to never give up. Anything is possible, if you set your mind to it. Up until today, I had never gone to the gym. I have been THRIVING since mid September using Black Label as my DFT. I have more motivation, feel amazing, and really want the best out of life. I am coming out of this healthier, happier, and in the best shape I’ve ever been in! It’s time to show my daughters what I’m really capable of!

Edward Dechow's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Edward Dechow

About 12 years ago, I was playing professional tennis and was in impeccable shape. My career ended short because of a serious ankle injury. I then got into coaching tennis, but my workout regimen and eating habits went out the window.

I spent way more time with friends, and I ended up going out way more and indulging in alcohol quite often. This concluded in a massive weight gain for me. Now, I’ve been using and loving the THRIVE ELITE Experience! This competition is important to me because I would like to prove to myself that I can get back in the best shape of my life, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

34Under 20K winner
Erin Pruitt's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Erin Pruitt

Wow! This journey has been amazing! I started out desperate for change. Desperate for a way to live that was different from what I was experiencing. I started THRIVING with the ELITE Experience and that was a game changer! I felt energy I hadn’t felt in a long time and started seeing results that I was so desperate to see. I am a very busy wife, T1D mom, and elementary school teacher. I cannot imagine life without THRIVE now!

I very recently and unexpectedly lost my father. He was so proud of my journey and my progress. He was nothing but supportive. I want to stay as healthy as possible and that starts with filling my nutritional gaps and taking care of my health first and foremost. This journey and contest means the world to me. I not only have made myself proud but my entire family and that truly means everything.

34Under 30K winner
Kassie Sanders's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Kassie Sanders

It’s hard to even know where to begin. I've been THRIVING for a little over two years now. I’ve used THRIVE consistently and have been using ELITE since it launched in January. I've had many ups and downs during those years but decided that this 2023 challenge was MY year! I needed this, I needed to prove to myself that I can achieve things that seem impossible. I unexpectedly became my husband's full time caregiver after an unfortunate work related injury, and since then have really embraced my own health and the importance of having a healthy body.

THRIVE ELITE has made a massive impact on my actual muscle gains and overall transformation and I'm stoked to show the world what’s possible… for anyone!

Looking back, my transformation this time is a huge WIN in my book. I'm forever grateful for full proof products that have made it all a reality for me.

Lynsey Gollehon's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Lynsey Gollehon

THRIVE was the puzzle piece I had been missing since being blessed with the title of “Mom.” I am a wife & mama of 3 kids ages 7, 4, and 2 and a former ER nurse.

I found THRIVE when I was at my absolute lowest physically, mentally & emotionally. I had let myself go to the point that I didn’t recognize myself. My confidence was non-existent and I was just going through the day-to-day motions. In January of 2021, I finally chose to invest in ME! I said enough is enough & placed my first order to begin my THRIVE Experience!

My family, friends and patients deserved a better version of me. More importantly, I deserved to feel my best. Fast forward to today—I have been THRIVING (literally!) for 2 years!

I have managed to lose a total of 70 lbs with consistent use of the Classic 3-Step Thrive Experience & White Label DFT! I have gained so much confidence throughout this journey to becoming ME again and can’t express my appreciation for THRIVE enough!

My children have a happy mama! My husband has a wife who looks forward to date nights again! I have a completely new outlook on life. This Competition has motivated me to take my transformation to the next level. I have never been interested in strengthening, toning or pushing my body to new limits since reaching my goal weight with the THRIVE Experience—but with THRIVE ELITE, I have been more motivated than ever!

34Under 15K winner
Morgan Murdock's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Morgan Murdock

I was a huge skeptic of THRIVE at first. I thought there was no way a DFT and vitamins could work and make me feel amazing. I was SO wrong. I fell in love with the products and started THRIVING.

I knew that ELITE was going to help me hit my goals. During this challenge, I also used my THRIVE Sculpt and THRIVE Recover. I used to weigh 240 lbs, made unhealthy lifestyle choices, and couldn't walk down my driveway without getting winded.

This contest is important to me because it's helped me zone in to lose a significant amount of weight and to help show others that your goals are achievable.

Tara Homa's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Tara Homa

Ultimate THRIVER has been the most amazing journey… Every morning, I got up and took my THRIVE ELITE and THRIVE Sculpt, and exercised. I started out only being able to exercise for five minutes, but by showing up for myself every single day, I got stronger. I worked up to about 40 minutes every morning, and felt better & better as I went along.

I am so proud of my transformation, both inside and out! I am physically & mentally stronger, and I feel like a brand new person. I feel like I’m finally back to the true me!

I’m so thankful for THRIVE! Without it, I would not have seen the transformation I did!

34Under 60K winner


Ben Marshall's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Ben Marshall

Life was great until I realized… I had let myself go and started to face some health challenges. I knew it was the poor eating habits, which led to lack of energy. At 40 years old I was settling, and my wife and kids deserved more from me and quite frankly my body deserved more, too.

I have been using THRIVE for years now. But ELITE was a game changer that helped boost my energy, curb my cravings and gave me the confidence to be better. This contest is important to me because I can continue down the unhealthy path I was once on and be an overall shell of myself… OR… I can show my wife, kids, family, friends and MYSELF, I have what it takes to change.

I felt the NUDGE and the change was made! I think the nudge was from my mom, Denise, who passed away in 2013 from a massive heart attack. Mom, thank you for the nudge to kick my butt in gear and do better.

35Over 15K winner
Brandy Gobbell's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Brandy Gobbell

This is my 40th year! This age is significant for me because I have a history of various family members dealing with health challenges at the age of 40.

My goal is for 40 to be just the beginning of a long and healthy life.. I want to be living my best life going into this year. I don't want to get to my birthday in September and regret anything or feel like I still have so much work to do to get to my goals. I don't want to give up and just settle for where I am in life. I used Ultimate THRIVER to jumpstart the year. I love THRIVE and I use the men's capsules because I feel like they give me more energy

I have also added in THRIVE Sculpt to help with toning.

35Over 20K winner
Charlene Lew's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Charlene Lew

This year, I will turn 60 in September. I was full of HOPE and excitement when ELITE launched along with this Competition… I wanted my physical transformation to show how this product is helping me. I then faced a health challenge that prevented me from working out for a prolonged period of time. I started THRIVING again as soon as I possibly could. I feel amazing and love this product because of my positive mindset and outlook on life. ELITE and THRIVE kept me positive and power walking.

I am so proud of my outlook and I tell everyone this product changes lives and I am here to tell you it helped me come out of this shining on the other side.

Jaime (Kingsley) Peca's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Jaime (Kingsley) Peca

THRIVE ELITE, eating clean and getting to the gym have been my top priorities. I love the extra help from THRIVE Biotic and Balance when needed. At the 6 week mark, I added THRIVE Heat to my workout routine.

Janetta Joseph's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Janetta Joseph

My journey started in October of 2014… I found THRIVE at my lowest point in life and it was the answer to every prayer that I had been praying. I was tired, frustrated with life and myself. I started with Classic THRIVE and now I use ELITE!

Winning the Ultimate THRIVER will help me bring more awareness and allow me to be an advocate and a voice for those who can’t.

Kacie Swain's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Kacie Swain

I’m a mom of four who has recently dealt with a health challenge that negatively affected my overall quality of life.

I’ve been using the THRIVE Experience to regain my life and get my confidence back. With THRIVE ELITE, I have not only had amazing energy to keep up with twin toddlers but I also have been able to manage my appetite and cravings

I am thankful daily for Le-Vel and my THRIVE.

35Over 60K winner
Kristy O'Brien's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Kristy O'Brien

My THRIVE journey has been nothing short of incredible!! For this year’s Competition, I started off using our 10-Day Total Detox, used ELITE, and added in THRIVE Sculpt! I have never worked with such motivation, consistency, and intensity, as I have during these 12 weeks.

I don’t have a nutritionist or personal trainer, but I really gave it my all with diet and exercise and supplementation! I truly feel like I AM this year’s Ultimate THRIVER!!!

LeAnn Sorci's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

LeAnn Sorci

I began THRIVING a year ago when Ultimate THRIVER was coming to an end.

This year I was determined to win! My word of the year is DETERMINED, and I vowed to live that word throughout this contest and beyond. Over the past twelve weeks, I have lost 31.4 pounds, have 4.7% body fat and I’ve lost inches in the double digits! I used ELITE, THRIVE Balance, THRIVE Biotic, THRIVE Sculpt (twice a day), THRIVE Heat (on occasion) and THRIVE Recover shakes after my weight lifting sessions. As a full time working wife and mom, I have limited gym time options. Therefore, 4 a.m. gym workouts quickly became my jam! I exercise six days a week (weight lifting and cardio). I also diligently track my macros and drink 80% of my body weight in ounces of water daily. None of this came without challenges, but I am proud to say I persevered through all of it.

Winning this Competition would be a huge blessing! However, my accomplishments alone have proved to me how strong, dedicated and determined I am.

For that, I am grateful!

35Over 30K winner
Matthew Toomey's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Matthew Toomey

Wow, what a journey this has been! I have been THRIVING with my wife since 2019 and was at my heaviest, weighing in at 320 pounds. THRIVE changed my outlook on life and gave me my energy and passion back. Being an athlete in school, I had to get ME back for my family and myself. I started January 3rd at 254.3 lbs.

I used the THRIVE Experience with the TAC DFT, THRIVE Sculpt, THRIVE Balance, THRIVE Biotic, and THRIVE Circulate. I used THRIVE Activate and Recover on occasion. I also worked out and or played basketball daily.

The last month of the competition I changed to THRIVE ELITE. Now here we are at the end of the contest and I’m FEELING GREAT!

Winning this contest would mean so much to me and it would change my family's life. We will finally be able to go house shopping and check another dream off our dream board!

Tracy Fricke's transformation Voting has ended Read My Story

Tracy Fricke

My THRIVE journey began in April 2019 when I weighed over 250 pounds. THRIVE brought me into the gym where I went from a bartender to a Promoter and personal trainer helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Introducing ELITE into this Competition has been a game changer and brought my fitness journey to the next level and I feel absolutely amazing.

My favorite products during this journey were THRIVE Sculpt, THRIVE Heat and THRIVE OooWee!, and THRIVE Balance.

I am forever grateful at 45-years-old to be introduced to such an amazing product and see my life and health transform to feeling better than my 30’s.

Even though the ULTIMATE THRIVER competition is over, we hope you’ll check out all of the incredible transformations above (and many others on Facebook and Instagram), showing the powerful combination of THRIVE products with focus and determination.

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34 & under prizes
Grand Prize $60,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000
4th Place $15,000
35 & over prizes
Grand Prize $60,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000
4th Place $15,000

The statements herein are based on unique and personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect typical results. Meaningful weight loss requires dedication, a healthy diet and exercise, and good nutritional intake.